Hello and Welcome!

We are Joe Khoury and Tony Hachem and we are glad you’re here! We have a quick question for you: would you like to have a L.I.F.E of Liberty, Inspiration, Fruitfulness and Enjoyment? If your answer is YES, scroll down and read on !

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What can We do for You?

Since we are sure that the best person who knows YOU is actually … YOU, we will actually give you what you want, all you need to do is: Tell US what YOU need!

According to your needs, we Assess, Develop, Deliver and Follow up a program that’ll help you reach your goals.

Learn Effective Communication


Develop my Speaking Skills


Expand my Leadership Skills


Live a Fun Life 




Set my Goals and build my Action Plan


Enhance my Emotional Intelligence


Discover my Potential


Evolve my Team 


Stay Forever Together 

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We’d Like You to meet Us!


Joe Khoury


Look for your unique and talented self; it’s a treasure still waiting to be discovered”

The greatest encounter I have ever made was when I met my unique self and found out that I am only happy when I am truly me; when I share everything with everyone.Today, I am led by the desire to share my experience and motivate every person to go on that journey of self-discovery and development, so that they may reach the fullness of their potential and fulfill their purpose 4LIFE

  • Married – founder of 4life – corporate accounting manager – writer
  • Majored in Business Administration at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
  • An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team
  • 10 years of experience in Corporate accounting management
  • Achieved multiple training of trainers since the year 2000 and until this day 
  • Over 15 years of experience in trainings and life skills building (Communication, Leadership, Team work…)

Tony Hachem


” ثلاث كلمات أو بل أحرى أفعال بنت كل ما أنا عليه: الشغف- الايمان- الأمل “

الشغف، هو محرّك أحلامي وطموحاتي وأعمالي. الإيمان بالله وعنايته بالذات وآفاقها اللامحدودة وبالآخر وفرادته. الأمل، إذ في آخر كلّ طريق محطّة وصولٍ مدهشة. وهذا ما أسعى لمشاركته مع كلّ أحدٍ ألتقي به في دروب حياتي

من مواليد 1979، متزوّج وله ثلاثة أولاد*

 4 LIFE   مِن مؤَسّسي*

مُجاز في الفلسفة واللاهوت من جامعة الروح القدس*

حصّل ثقافةً واسعةً في علم النفس وعلم الإجتماع والفنون الإداريّة*

خبرته تفوق 12 سنة في تنشئة ومرافقة المنظمّات الشبابيّة لتدريبهم على المهارات الحياتيّة والتواصليّة*

مؤلّف لكتبٍ عديدة*

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Who YOU can be 

If you are someone looking to discover your uniqueness and reaching your higher potential then you are eligible for this process.

We’d love to meet you and  Our Services are available for Your personal projects, business successes, general conditions and life transitions.

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